Some Student Feedback on Robert’s Teaching

You are passionate about cello and its music, and never once did I experience you are simply passing time with me in any of your lesson.

You teach how to practice, and how to transfer the practice into playing. This helps me become more effective with my practice time.

You are good at solving problem with me via ways unique to me. You do not rush, but work at my pace. Your goal is that I learn properly.

Besides technical taught me to be a musician rather than a mere cello player.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for the skills and appreciation of music which you have imparted to my son over the one year plus that he has been your student. He has definitely grown in confidence, ability and maturity under your patient guidance.

You emphasize on producing music, communicating something to the listener.

Robert brought me back to some fundamental technical concepts and introduced me to a more efficient way of playing the cello. He emphasizes a great deal on sound production not just volume but quality, and color. Throughout my study with Robert he consistently trained me to be more independent with my music...In a nutshell, Robert's teaching has prepared me for the next level of cello playing and knocked down difficult barriers that would have definitely obstructed my future growth as a cellist and musician.

Robert is currently developing a ground-breaking software program for all music students, called Personal Pianist, which plays the piano accompaniment to an extensive library of pieces from standard literature. If your student needs to rehearse with piano at some point, or can benefit from ‘between lesson’ help using a piano, do consider it:

Robert Sang-Ung Choi is a very active teacher of cello, piano and violin, as well as serving as faculty member of the Ojika Festival in Japan. Below is a list of current and former institutions where Robert has taught: