fuegokoori is a fresh new concept which combines opposing forces like cello and guitar, and features musical elements from around the world. "fuego" means fire in Spanish, whereas "koori" represents ice in Japanese.

my lovely cello resting after a hard day at workfuegokoori symbolizes the explosive synergy of elemental opposites like fire and ice. My name is Robert Sang-Ung Choi, the initiator of fuegokoori, and I began with a dream of performing works for cello and guitar. My first step was to outline the musical program by seeking out classical and modern music for this rare but exciting combination; even writing some of my own arrangements and original works. This concept came to its fruition at the first fuegokoori concert on October 31, 2003 at the famed Musikhalle in Hamburg, Germany.

Now an internationally acclaimed ensemble, fuegokoori explores crossovers of extreme emotions and soul-searching themes, featuring obscure works of more celebrated composers like Paganini, Sarasate, Piazzolla and de Falla, directly contrasted with works by leading Japanese and Chinese composers like Mayuzumi Toshiro and Zhou Long. Experience the refreshing juxtaposition of Asian calm and tranquility with flamenco's exuberance and fire!

Join me, Robert Sang-Ung Choi, and guitarist Stanley Chin, as we continually search for more repertoire and interesting new combinations. fuegokoori has even expanded to include concerts with cello + marimba and cello + guitar ensemble! We hope you enjoy browsing through our website! On the fuegokoori in concert page, you will find the German Tour Story '05 and some of the latest concert dates. If you have any ideas you'd like to share with us, please drop us a line! And if you join the fuegokoori mailing list by filling out the contact form, you'll receive all the latest news and promotions for upcoming events. We're glad you've visited us!

Think about fire and ice, both are the natural representation of extreme emotions. What you see is not necessarily what you feel. Fire and ice tend to overlap, meaning you have blue fire. For example, if you make something too cold, you'll burn it. Think about the music we are playing: Spanish/Latino music is full of passion while music with Asian elements is generally calm and tranquil. These extreme emotions tend to overlap and even crossover in an exciting way, and we would like to bring this excitement to the audience.

About the fuegokoori CD, Fire and Ice: The partnership between cello and guitar is remarkably fresh. This fuegokoori program includes music spanning across three centuries written by Spanish violin virtuoso Pablo de Sarasate, the famous guitarist Mauro Giuliani, Spanish cellist Gaspar Cassadó (1897- 1966) and Astor Piazzolla. An original composition by Robert Sang-Ung Choi, Estampa, as well as an exciting arrangement of the famous Guantanamera by virtuoso guitarist, Marco Díaz Tamayo, and a Japanese Bunraku composed by Toshiro Mayuzumi, round out a colorful and fulfilling program of fuegokoori!

You can buy the fuegokoori CD at CD Baby! or contact us directly!

The new CD: "Beneath the Surface" incorporates a new element into the mix, a nine-member guitar ensemble from Konstanz! The CD opens up an entirely new world of sounds and explores more extreme musical genres like jazz, Latin dance styles and free improvisation. Listen for the fabulous new combination of cello + 9 guitars in Milonga del Angel, Black Orpheus, Danca da Saudade and Rumba Catalan! We hope you enjoy this compilation of great music written by master composer, all of whom were or continue to be virtuoso performers in their own right. Let the music carry you to different worlds and hopefully, it will inspire you to imagine the beauty and richness of humanity as expressed through music. The combination of cello, guitar and guitar ensemble never sounded so colorful and exciting before!

"Beneath the Surface" was compiled from three "LIVE" performances at the Lutheran Church in Konstanz, Germany. A portion of the proceeds from this CD will go to benefit Helft uns helfen, a charity organization that continues to help hundreds of underpriviledged children in Nicaragua.