Helft uns helfen is one charity organisation that fuegokoori has helped by performing fund-raising concerts in 2004 and 2005. There is full information about the organization below, and if you would like to see some smiling children, go to our Huh Picture Gallery for some inspiring images!

Helft uns helfen means “Help us help” and was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organisation dedicated to helping young people and children. The first projects were small in scale, yet within a few short years, Huh has expanded its efforts to include:

  • Since 1998
    Two school projects - El Eden and Cantar de los Cantares in which children from these two schools, which are located in the poorer sections of Managua, Nicaragua, not only receive vital early school education, but also daily warm meals. Salaries for the teachers, night watchmen, cooks and utility costs are all provided by Huh, including extra funds and manpower for important renovation works.
  • Since 2004
    Environmental education on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua – school children here are being taught the importance and the basics of caring for the environment. Scholarship program - young students from the island Ometepe can also win a scholarship to help fund vocational training.

In addition, a support group program for the youth of Managua was established in 2007.

In order to raise funds to support these programs, Huh is actively involved in organising and participating in music and cultural benefit events, Christmas Market stands, selling waffles and other goodies, Children's Day celebrations and much more.

Members of Huh:

Travel to Nicaragua to be “hands-on” helpers, paying their own way and helping out generously in any way they are needed; Volunteer in projects closer to home.

And to raise money, Huh relies upon:

  • Students, their parents and teachers from schools in Allensbach and the surrounding areas to volunteer their time, collect donations and sign up sponsors;
  • Regular donations from Benefactors, Sponsors and Patrons;
  • Volunteers who donate precious time and effort to help with organisational matters and keep running costs to a minimum.

For more information or to contribute contact:

Helft uns helfen e.V.
Kapplerbergstrasse 64
78476 Allensbach
Tel. +49 (0) 7533 / 935 945 8
E-Mail: helft-uns-helfen@web.de